Why Canada?

    Calgary-2 The Canadian technology sector has grown rapidly over the past decade, driven by entrepreneurs and fueled by a broad spectrum of public sector, academic, and private sector support.   

    Some Canadian statistics:
    •    Fastest growing G-7 country over past decade
    •    No 1 place in G-7, and No 4 in the world to do business for next 5 years
    •    Lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in G-7 (26% vs. 39% in US)
    •    No 1 in G-7 and OECD in lowest number of procedures required to establish a business
    •    Strongest banking system in the world. Top 4 North American banks are Canadian
    •    No 1 in G-7 and No 2 in OECD for strength of investor protection regulations
    •    Lowest debt burden in G-7
    •    Lowest overall business costs in G-7 (5%-13% cost advantage over U.S., depending on industry sector)
    •    7th largest recipient of foreign investment over past decade. 2nd only to UK on a per-capita basis.
    •    No 1 in G-7 and No 4 in world for quality of its educational system
    •    No 1 in G-7 and No 3 in world In quality of its management schools
    •    Significant grant & tax incentives available for technology companies

    • Canada: 655 Bay St, Ste 401, Toronto, ON M5G 2K4 | USA: 4640 Admiralty Way, Ste 500, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
    • Korea: 101-107 Hansin (Hue), Gumho-dong 3 Ga 1662, Sungdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea